Registration Dealer Distributor

At present, in order to expand the business and production market, TLG Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TLG Group, is looking for distributors and distributors in the Vietnamese market. Vietnam.



Đai mach – Đong Anh
Ha Noi
Hotline: 0977.410.889
Phone: 0966.182.029

We will record your information and agree not to disclose your information to third parties! We will contact you soon.

Information and Policy for Dealers Registration

  • All construction material shops as well as wood and plastics manufacturers throughout Vietnam are involved as distributors and agents.
  • Signed a Distributor Contract with Thang Long Group for a term of at least 3 years.

Development targets Distributors, agents level 1 across the country

  • Each province and city develops at least one distributor and one agent
  • Cooperate on a fair basis WIN – WIN, for the benefit of both Supply and Demand
  • Frequently sharing information on latest products and timely support
  • Fair and reasonable support policy throughout the distribution channel.
  • Commit to the maximum protection for distributors and agents against market fluctuations and competition.

Policy on commissions

  • Your agent will receive a commission difference between the purchase price from TLG Group and the market price set by the Agent and Distributor.
  • Dealers are entitled to SELL SELLING PRICES to the market so that they are suitable and ensure that they do not affect the prestige and quality

Principle agreement and debt

  • Principle agreement: After signing the contract, your agent will be included in the preferential list of companies and partners who are providing products to TLG Group and enjoy policies for agents.
  • Purchasing debt: You must pay cash at TLG Group office or transfer money through 100% bank before delivery TLG Group.

Benefits of becoming an agent

  • Merchandise with ex-factory price: When you become a distributor or agent of the TLG Group, one of the benefits that you will receive is the ex-works price (wholesale price).
  • Competitive price. As TLG imported directly from the leading factories in the country, so you Distributors as well as agents are completely assured of competitiveness with other suppliers.
  • TLG GROUP PRODUCTS Phong Phu, Diversified. TLG is committed to 100% of genuine TLG products imported to Vietnam, TLG products are always abundant and diverse.
  • As a distributor of TLG, you will not have to worry too much about your brand. We invest a lot of time and energy in promoting our brand through various channels such as newspapers, the Internet and other forms, so that the public as well as all consumers know. To your agent as well as distributor of each province and city.